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Shapiro’s campaign promises offer blueprint for bipartisanship

Originally published in The Patriot-News

In the past few months, Pennsylvanians have seen their share of negative ads making radical claims—that one party is hell-bent on destroying democracy in America and the other trying to let every murderer out of prison. This rhetoric persuaded few voters, as they recognized the routine shtick for the pro-wrestling-like-kayfabe that it is—and they voted for a divided government.

The campaign rhetoric is over, at least for now. It’s time to find common ground: Gov.-elect Democrat Josh Shapiro will now have to work with the Republicans he criticized on the campaign trail.

The GOP maintained majority control of the Pennsylvania Senate, and the House will be nearly evenly split, requiring compromise and bipartisan support to advance any legislation. Notably, Shapiro campaigned as a fiscal conservative on many issues, expressing support for priorities shared by legislative Republicans. As Shapiro begins a new administration, policymakers have in his election promises a ripe opportunity for common ground.

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