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PA Is the Epicenter of Democrats’ Political Spending

Originally published at RealClearPennsylvania

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Josh Shapiro’s overflowing campaign coffers underscore the importance of Pennsylvania to national politics—and the influence of government unions in elections.

With four weeks remaining until the mid-term elections, Shapiro reported raising a whopping $25.4 million in his latest campaign-finance report, bringing his total to a record $50.9 million since the beginning of 2021. This represents 47 percent more than Governor Tom Wolf raised in four years as an incumbent running for reelection. By contrast, Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano has raised just over $5 million since the beginning of 2021.

Slightly more than half of Shapiro’s total comes from donors outside of Pennsylvania, compared to less than one-third of Mastriano’s.

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