pennsylvania losing economically

Pennsylvania’s losing economically to other states

Originally published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Like so many Pennsylvanians, I’ve had to say goodbye to another dear friend who left our commonwealth on the promise of work. The move to Texas takes him away from his daughter, who is going to college in the Pittsburgh area, his church, and his community.

After his former employer left Pennsylvania for San Juan, Puerto Rico, Rocky was unable to find a job that fit his experience as a manufacturing facility manager. But then he received a job offer for an opportunity in Dallas, Texas. So, like many others, he and his family packed up and said goodbye to Pennsylvania.

While Rocky’s story is — sadly — not unique, it serves as a poignant reminder that the exodus of people and businesses out of Pennsylvania comes with a human cost. I’m left wondering how many stories like Rocky’s remain untold amid the continued announcements of companies leaving.

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