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Fetterman should focus less on comedy, more on inflation and policy

Originally published in The Philadelphia Inquirer

There’s one person who’s treating his bid for the U.S. Senate like an entertainment opportunity, and it’s not the guy who used to have a TV show.

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s barrage of sarcastic memes, Snooki cameos, and aerial beach ads are disrespectful to all of us who are suffering in these difficult economic times. His mean tweets and bro culture attitude just amplify that this man has become a woke joke. We’re witnessing the Fetterman Follies — but instead of entertaining, these stunts obfuscate the truth. This isn’t a reality show, Mr. Fetterman, it’s our lives.

His refusal to take his candidacy seriously is a slap in the face to everyone struggling to make ends meet under President Joe Biden’s and Gov. Tom Wolf’s disastrous economic policies. With so much at stake for Pennsylvania families, how sad that Fetterman’s biggest accomplishment is enlisting the help of an old-school reality TV star and hanging a pot flag outside his office.

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