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RGGI Update: Pennsylvania Legislature Resists

Originally published at Capital Research Center

While regulatory relief efforts gather steam in Virginia, lawmakers in Pennsylvania are taking notice. Aptly named the Keystone State for the crucial role it played in the founding and development of the United States, it is Pennsylvania that could decide the future of RGGI. Tom Wolf, the state’s Democratic governor, first proposed having Pennsylvania join the climate change initiative in an executive order going back to October 2019.

“Climate change is the most critical environmental threat confronting the world, and power generation is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions,” Wolf said in the order. “Given the urgency of the climate crisis facing Pennsylvania and the entire planet, the commonwealth must continue to take concrete, economically sound and immediate steps to reduce emissions. Joining RGGI will give us that opportunity to better protect the health and safety of our citizens.”

State Sen. Gene Yaw, who chairs the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, has joined with fellow Republicans and several Democrats to oppose joining RGGI. In a recent press statement, Yaw explained why Virginia’s experiences with the climate change regulations should be instructive to Pennsylvania:

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