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Bucks County parents unravel Covid-19 policies while boosting school choice proposals

Originally published in Broad + Liberty

Bucks County parents who made efficient use of Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know law during the Covid-19 pandemic have helped to make the case for school choice. They have also focused attention on the actions of Pennsylvania’s 29 intermediate units, which the General Assembly created in 1971 for the purpose of operating as “regional educational services agencies.”

The documents parents obtained through open records requests highlight education and health care policies organized through public agencies that they view as an assault on self-government.

Proposed legislation like the Lifeline Scholarship bill that just passed in the Pennsylvania House this week have gained momentum in recent weeks in part because they are built around the idea of empowering parents. The appeal of scholarship accounts enabling parents to break orbit from conventional public schools by exercising more control over their own tax dollars is not difficult to understand.

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