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Op-Ed: Pa.’s out-of-control spending is driving away residents

Originally published in the Pittsiburgh Tribune-Review

Gov. Tom Wolf recently declared 2022 a “magical year” for the Pennsylvania budget, citing the possibility of a surplus. However, Pennsylvania’s Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) predicts this “magic” will not last long. The IFO’s latest Five Year Budget Outlook projects that the state will return to a deficit by fiscal year 2023-24.

That’s because our budget surplus didn’t result from a strong economy and growing tax base — it’s a counterfeit surplus partly driven by federal aid and debt. Rather than spending that money to expand government, lawmakers should consider the future and budget responsibly. Irresponsible spending has a clear consequence: our most productive residents will simply leave. New data from the United States Census Bureau indicates that many former Pennsylvanians already had enough of Wolf’s big government policies.

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