Op-Ed: Gov. Wolf’s education funding claims are false. Here’s the truth

Originally published in The Center Square.

Last week, Gov. Tom Wolf held a press conference on the Capitol steps capping off a more than four-month campaign to promote drastically increasing district school funding. But his central claim, that school districts are underfunded and charter schools are the culprit, is the exact opposite of reality.

Wolf spoke from a podium prominently emblazoned with a sign proclaiming “Pennsylvania is 45th in education funding.” But Pennsylvania is not 45th in education funding – not even close.

According to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, Pennsylvania is 8th in the nation in education funding, with an average of $18,000 per student going to districts. The national average is about $14,000.

These facts are indisputable. Nevertheless, Pennsylvanians have been treated…

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