Op-Ed: Vote yes in the May 18 referendum

Originally published in The Delco Times.

It’s not every day that the average citizen has a chance to speak their mind to an elected official. Typically, the only way to tell a senator or governor that we’re not happy is to vote for their opponent in the next election. 

In the case of the term-limited Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, voters won’t have that opportunity. And after a year of his decisions leaving our state in disarray— with unemployed workers, struggling families, students locked out of the classroom, and entire industries trying to recover from being shut down — it’s a shame he won’t be on the ballot during the May 18th election. 


But this year, voters have a different opportunity to make their voices heard: A “yes” vote on two ballot amendments to the state Constitution that will fix our state’s emergency powers law. 


I’m a lifetime resident of Delco. I know…


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