Op-Ed: School Closures Highlight The Need For Parental Choice

Originally published in The Daily Caller.

Audrey Goodson Kingo, the editor-in chief of Working Mother, recently dropped some truth bombs on Twitter. “Plenty of publications have done great work on the trials and travails of working moms during the pandemic — but I kept noticing one weird thing: They would only give a passing mention of closed schools.”

Ms. Kingo noted school closures have resulted in a massive drop in labor force participation for moms — especially lower income moms. She’s worried about the long-term ramifications on women’s lifetime earnings and career advancement.

While Ms. Kingo diagnosed the problem (“WE KNOW THE CONSEQUENCES AND WE KNOW THE CAUSE. IT’S THE SCHOOLS.”), she didn’t reach for the ultimate solution: increased parental choice in education.

The reality is…

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