Stage-Four Cancer Patient Blocked from Care by Gov. Wolf: April’s Story

Last year, my dear friend April received a terrible diagnosis: triple negative breast cancer. It was shocking and scary, but April fought it vigorously. 

Her cancer treatment was a grueling process. April was prescribed eight rounds of chemo and 30 rounds of radiation. She finished in March 2020. Then, months later, the news got worse. Doctors told April her cancer was back and had spread. 

The world was still shut down due to COVID-19. She was and is a highly vulnerable patient. She rushed to get a telemedicine appointment at one of the best cancer hospitals in the world. But the hospital wouldn’t allow it. When she protested, they said, “It’s because you’re a Pennsylvania resident. Call your governor.”

In the following video, April shares her story of confronting bad government policy—and the governor who caused it—while fighting to save her life. Despite her illness, April is speaking out to help others in the same situation. 

To read more about April’s fight, check out this piece in the Bucks Courier Times.

To send a message to Gov. Wolf to tell him that no sick Pennsylvanian should have to jump through his hoops to receive necessary medical care, click here.