Op-Ed: “The Tom Wolf Show” – He pretends to help students while selling them out

Originally published at Broad + Liberty.

“Today I am talking to you directly,” Governor Tom Wolf said on his pre-recorded, professionally edited video budget address last week. Wolf’s flashy marketing video was about as direct as his proposals for helping Pennsylvania students recover from last year’s crisis. He’s making a show of helping kids while funneling education money to special interests, as he has for the last six years.

Wolf made many statements in his budget address that seemed true on their face. For example: “Far too many parents feel their kids are limited by schools, or their zip code.” As a career education policy analyst, I’ve been saying this for years. How can children find the right educational fit if they are constrained to their zip-code assigned schools?

He even pointed to wasted tax dollars: “Those taxes you pay aren’t getting you nearly enough in return.” After a year of kids being kept home to learn online, I was tempted to raise my hands and exclaim, “Preach!”

But Wolf’s prescriptions to fix these problems were as dubious as his decision to “glamour shot” the budget address. He seeks to…

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