Always Prepared

Pennsylvania's health care system should be always prepared, no matter the crisis. But regulations block qualified nurses and health professionals from stepping in when they're needed most. By permanently eliminating these barriers, we can expand health care access and reduce cost for all.

Empower Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are highly trained medical professionals capable of providing basic care. Empowering them to practice more freely would lift the burden on physicians and bolster our health system's ability to address crises like COVID-19.

Expand Telehealth Access

Telehealth, or medical appointments conducted remotely, increases access to care, reduces wait times, and keeps hospitals from being overwhelmed. It's time to make telehealth a permanent part of Pennsylvania's health care system.

Boost Pharmacist Services

Pharmacists are currently allowed to administer certain vaccines, but they can provide even more safe, convenient care. Boosting the number of services pharmacists can provide could save thousands of dollars by avoiding hospital visits.

To expand access to health care and reduce cost, state lawmakers must remove regulations that prevent health professionals from contributing. Tell them you want our health system to be always prepared!