Questions for Gov. Wolf

Gov. Wolf is proposing additional restrictions on businesses across Pennsylvania because of a rise in the number of new COVID cases.  Here is a list of questions for Gov. Wolf, Secretary Levine, and Secretary Oleksiak about their plans and the data they are providing, which they have not yet answered:

  • The point of “flattening the curve” is to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. With less than 2% of hospital beds and ventilators being used by COVID patients, is there really an issue at this time?
    • How much of the rise in cases is due to additional testing? How much is due to a backlog of cases?
  • Have you yet implemented a plan to help nursing homes, where 68% of the COVID deaths have occurred?
    • Since February, 89% of all deaths in Pennsylvania are from something other than COVID—a percentage that is rising. Are you concerned about the impact that lockdowns have on other health issues and causes of death?
  • Do restrictions on gatherings exempt social justice protests?
    • If so, what is the rationale? How many individuals are joining large gatherings because they are following Gov. Wolf’s example rather than his word?
  • Given the highest levels of unemployment since the Great Depression, what is your plan for helping  people to get back to work?
    • What are you doing to fix the unemployment compensation system, where tens of thousands of unemployed people still aren’t getting paid?
    • Isn’t it hypocritical to shut down the economy, then ask the federal government to bail out the state?
    • What is your plan for going beyond Green?
  • What are you doing to help restaurants and the hospitality industry that will be devastated by these new restrictions?
    • What evidence do you have that shows the uptick in cases is linked specifically to dining?