New Education Polling Results!

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We believe every child is unique and one size doesn't fit all when it comes to education. All children deserve to be educated in the environment that works best for them. But do our fellow Pennsylvanians agree? It turns out, they do. Learn what likely voters throughout Pennsylvania think about schooling preferences, educational choice, school funding, and more in the Pennsylvania K-12 & School Choice Survey.

Pennsylvania schools will reopen in the Fall, and school district leaders are tasked with balancing student learning needs with staff and student safety. As numerous innovative solutions are proposed every day, all signs point in one direction—fewer kids will occupy the same physical space at any given time than in years past.

Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) are the answer. ESAs help parents customize their child’s education, while reducing district classroom size and preserving district resources.

Even before COVID-19, nearly three-quarters of Pennsylvanians supported ESAs. Post-pandemic, families, teachers, and school leaders will need educational flexibility more than ever.



Download file 2020 EdChoice Questionnaire and Topline Results 

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