Victory for Dave!

Our friends at the Fairness Center announced a huge victory this fall.

But first, many will recall reading about David Smith and Donald Lambrecht. Homebound with muscular dystrophy, Dave has relied on his homecare provider, Don, for more than 25 years. Far beyond an employer-employee relationship, Dave and Don are like family.

Shortly after he took office, Gov. Wolf handed down an executive order that would have let two unions—SEIU and AFSCME—unionize thousands of home health care workers in Pennsylvania—and take millions of dollars in union dues each year from their paychecks. This was a sweetheart deal to unions at the expense of Dave, Don, and thousands more like them.

With the help of the Fairness Center, Dave and Don challenged Wolf’s order in court. And in September, the Commonwealth Court struck down Wolf’s executive order unionizing home care workers.

Wolf’s executive order was a stealth attempt to help the unions collect millions of dollars. Now, we can add one more court-approved word to describe the order: illegal.

Join us in thanking and congratulating the Fairness Center on their continued great work to serve those who have faced unjust treatment from government union leaders. This never would have happened without them.