Pennsylvania Government Union Dues Used for Politics

Pennsylvania’s government unions use taxpayer-funded payroll systems to collect their political money. This includes not only Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions, but membership dues earmarked for politics. Since 2007, Pennsylvania government unions spent $62.7 million from membership dues on “Political Activities & Lobbying.” Including national affiliates the total reaches $342 million during the 2016 election cycle alone. Here are a few examples of dues-funded government union political spending.[1]  

Political communications, endorsements, mailers & advertisements funded by union dues

Fundraising for PAC contributions

Direct contributions to political organizations and SuperPACs that advocate for or against issues and politicians[2] 


[1] Source: “Form LM-2 Labor Organization Annual Reports,” Office of Labor-Management Standards. Pennsylvania unions include AFSCME 13, AFT-PA, PSEA, SEIU locals, and UFCW 1776. Many state and local unions are not required to file Form LM-2, thus excluding their dues-funded political spending from this total.

[2] Examples include funding from Pennsylvania government unions and national affiliates.