Top Ten Recipients of Government Union Contributions

Election season is in full swing, but so is the fall legislative session. This time of year elected officials walk a narrow line to avoid the illegal practice of using public resources for politics. Yet, public resources are used all-year round to funnel union dues and campaign contributions from workers' paychecks to union leaders.

Since 2010, PSEA, AFSCME 13, SEIU, UFCW and PFT unions have contributed $18 million from Political Action Committees (PAC). These same unions reported spending $40 million on “political activities and lobbying” using union dues. A significant chunk of PAC money is donated to state legislator's campaigns. The following Pennsylvania elected officials are the largest recipients of government union PAC contributions.

It's time to end this unfair use of public resources to collect political money by passing paycheck protection. Paycheck protection strengthens the rights of all government workers, giving them power over their own money and choice of political association.