Did you Hear Oct-Nov

Standing up to Philadelphia union bosses is not for the faint of heart. Some might have been cowed into silence after becoming the target of union violence. Sarina Rose, a Philadelphia construction executive, suffered harassment and threats by union members, one of whom even mimed shooting her. She didn’t back down.

As a result of Sarina’s story and advocacy, legislation to end union violence passed this year, putting union thugs on notice that the law would no longer protect their threats, violence, and intimidation. 

Sarina Rose didn’t ask for the spotlight, but she used a frightening situation to make Pennsylvania a bit safer from those who dare question the demand that they hire “union only—or else.” 

We were thrilled to learn that Sarina Rose was recognized as first runner-up in the Vernon K. Krieble Unsung Hero Award. Many from our team were present when Sarina was recognized at the State Policy Network Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.