Killing Jobs & Playing Favorites: Meet Pa.’s Tax Code

Pennsylvania has more than 3,000 taxing authorities—a staggering number that exceeds almost any other state in the nation. Not only does this create confusion and raise costs for job creators, it also enables politicians to manipulate the tax code to benefit special interests. 

The result? Entrepreneurs and job-seekers are taking their talents to other states. 

What’s the solution? 

Jared Walczak of the non-partisan Tax Foundation says simplification and neutrality are the keys to a tax structure that promotes, rather than stymies, business investment. We talk to Jared about what Pennsylvania can learn from North Carolina, which is enjoying a boom after responsibly reforming its tax code.

Pennsylvania suffers when politicians try to pick winners and losers, but broadening our tax base and reducing rates for everyone will make us more competitive.

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