Make Dave’s Voice Heard in Harrisburg

Dave Smith, a Phoenixville resident, has muscular dystrophy, which has left him wheelchair-bound and in need of 24-hour care. Don Lambrecht has been Dave’s homecare provider for 25 years. They've become close friends, seeing each other as family rather than as an employer and employee.

Earlier this year, Gov. Wolf issued an executive order that would allow one of his campaign contributors—the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)—to skim millions of dollars in dues from people like Don. Even if Don would not be required to pay dues, he would still be forced to accept representation, essentially forcing him to collectively bargain against Dave. This same situation applies to tens of thousands of other homecare workers in Pennsylvania, many of whom care for their own elderly parents or disabled children. Dave and Don have sued Gov. Wolf and the SEIU to stop this unfair practice before it begins.

Gov. Wolf's agenda is hurting regular Pennsylvanians like Dave and Don…and benefiting some of his largest campaign contributors—government unions.

Add your name to the list of those standing up for Dave, Don, and the regular Pennsylvanians hurt by Gov. Wolf's agenda!

Dave Smith Commercial Response


You can read more about Dave, Don and their case at the Fairness Center.