Let’s Do It For Them – VOTE!

You’ve surely heard it said that you and I have a right to vote.  Well, I believe we also have a responsibility—not just to vote, but to cast an informed vote.  And our next opportunity to do so is this coming Tuesday, April 24.

That’s why CF has just released a new video featuring three Pennsylvania veterans explaining the right, and the responsibility, to vote.  Please watch it, and please share it with your friends who might need a reminder.

As I said, this isn’t just about voting—it’s about informed voting.  That’s why CF has more than this video to offer you.  Check out our candidate survey and sign the primary pledge below.

The Pennsylvania Primary Pledge

Primary Pledge

Today, and this weekend, please make sure you, your family, and your friends don’t squander the great opportunity we have on Tuesday, one for which many before us have bled.