Are Pa. Public Schools Profiting from COVID?

Are Pennsylvania public schools profiting off the coronavirus pandemic—while many are keeping their doors closed to students?

That’s the question Laura Ingraham asked Jennifer Stefano last night on Fox News.

You can watch the entire segment here:

Our recent analysis of Pennsylvania school spending and reserves revealed that 95% of school districts will have positive general fund balances, totaling approximately $5.11 billion—an increase from 2019 levels. Meanwhile, school districts are claiming—along with President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and Gov. Wolf—that schools need even more money to resume in-person instruction. 

And yet, as Jennifer points out, Catholic schools are successfully educating students in-person with less money and better outcomes in even the most economically disadvantaged areas. If private and parochial schools in at-risk neighborhoods are operating, “Why the hell aren’t we doing that across this country?” Ingraham asked.

To find the remaining balance in your school district, check our searchable database here.