Which Pa. Counties are Attracting Residents?

How many people are moving into and out of Pennsylvania counties?

New data on county population estimates released by the US Census Bureau last week answer that question. Much of the initial analysis focused on total population growth by county. This total growth measures births, deaths, immigration (to and from other countries), and domestic migration (to and from other counties and states).

Interestingly, every single county has seen gains from international immigration since 2010, and all but one saw net gains last year (Venango County saw no change). However, in domestic migration, 49 counties lost population to other states and counties last year, and 55 counties have seen more people move out than in from 2010 to 2018.

In December, we looked at statewide trends—showing a net 20,463 residents left Pennsylvania last year moving to other states. That statewide trend certainly is reflective in the county data—yet some counties have been attractive destinations, both with residents from other counties, and from other states. Cumberland County leads the way, having gained 1,283 residents last year and 8,732 via migration.

The maps below show the counties attracting new residents.