Tax Credit Scholarships: Raise the Limits!

As shown in a recent CF report, Pennsylvania is a state at risk.

Violence in schools, while decreasing, still occurs at a significant level. Pennsylvania’s achievement gaps are among the worst in the nation. Countless students across the Commonwealth remain confined by their ZIP codes in schools that don’t meet their needs.

Meanwhile, many continue to tout the irresponsible mantra that increased spending will solve these problems. The fact remains: Education spending in Pennsylvania is at record levels with no corresponding increase in educational quality or opportunity for our students. A recent nationwide analysis reveals that “spending more money has virtually no effect on student performance.” The false “more money” narrative is harmful because it enables some policymakers to offer a one-dimensional solution—funding—to a multi-dimensional issue—education.

It doesn’t work, and our children deserve better.

Thankfully, there’s hope for Pennsylvania kids in the form of tax credit scholarships. These programs have empowered hundreds of thousands of low- to middle-income students to choose an education that meets their needs.

But thousands are denied the opportunity to choose their education by program limits. In order to provide kids with the educational options they deserve, lawmakers need to hear from their constituents.

Here’s a new tool that makes it easy to contact your lawmaker. Let them know—it’s time to raise the limits of the EITC and OSTC programs.