Top 10 Recipients of Government Union PAC Contributions

Government unions have spent more than $120 million since 2007 to advance their fiercely partisan and political agenda.

As the graphic below shows, Democratic candidates receive the most direct PAC donations from Pennsylvania's largest government unions. Government union PACs spend even more on behalf of these candidates through independent expendituresfor example, Facebook ads or bumper stickers supporting a candidate.



These PAC contributions are voluntary, but even union dues are used for politics. In addition to the $53 million in PAC spending since 2007, the state's top unions have spent an additional $69 million of members' dues on “political activities & lobbying.”

Government unions remain among the largest political donors due in part to their unique political privilege. They are the only private organization using taxpayer resources to collect their political money. PAC contributions and dues money spent on political activities are all funneled through a taxpayer-funded payroll system. This is unfair and unethical.

Paycheck protection would end this misuse of taxpayer resources. And legislation sponsored by Rep. Kate Klunk, House Bill 2571, would ensure new government employees and non-union members understand it is now voluntary to pay dues used for political purposes. HB 2571 also takes the important step of repealing the state's fee collection laws that contradict the U.S. Supreme Court Janus ruling.

Government unions should have the right to engage in the political process, but they should not have the power to compel taxpayers and public sector workers to advance their partisan and political agenda.