Young Entrepreneurs in Action

It’s rare to see kids voluntarily give up their Saturday to work. But that’s exactly what my 12- and 14-year old daughters—along with a dozen other kids—did at the recent Acton Children’s Business Fair in Conneautville.

From humble beginnings in Austin, Texas, the Acton Children’s Business Fair has become the largest entrepreneurship network for children in North America. The model, developed by the Acton Academy Schools and the Acton MBA Program, helps young people explore business ownership and market economics by putting them in the driver’s seat.

The Commonwealth Foundation was proud to sponsor the Conneautville Children’s Business Fair because it aligns perfectly with our focus on entrepreneurship and the dignity of work. By enabling children to run their own businesses at such a young age, the business fairs plant the seeds for future entrepreneurial endeavors.

When I asked my daughter Erin to share her thoughts about the fair she said, “It was a great experience for me and the other kids who were involved. We learned a lot as we created, planned, and invested in our businesses. Like any entrepreneurial venture, there were risks involved—our snow cone machine broke, and we had more inventory than we needed. Overall, it was a lot of work, but it was worth it. Next year we hope to set up our booth at local farm markets.”

As the Commonwealth Foundation advances policies to expand opportunity for all Pennsylvanians, events like the Children’s Business Fair prime the next generation to take advantage of future opportunities and recognize the importance of protecting our economic freedoms.

There are additional Pennsylvania locations scheduled for this fall. If you want to see young entrepreneurs in action, visit to find a fair in your area.