House Nears Vote to Protect Public Resources

This Monday, House lawmakers have a chance to vote for landmark ethics reform, Senate Bill 166

Passing this legislation – and sending it to the Senate and governor for approval – would be a major victory in restoring integrity to Pennsylvania’s public system. SB 166 would prohibit the government from collecting political contributions for any organization. Government unions currently enjoy the unique privilege of using taxpayer-funded payroll systems to the advantage of political causes and candidates they support. This is a clear violation of a basic ethical principle: public resources should never mix with politics.

Since 2007, taxpayers have helped unions collect $35 million dollars, which is used to elect politicians and lobby against commonsense reforms like SB 166. This chart highlights several recent examples of union political spending.

SB 166 would be a tremendous step forward for taxpayers, for ethics, and for Pennsylvania.

Click here to email your representative and show your support for ending the use of public resources to collect campaign contributions.