PA Taxpayers Are Moving to Almost Every Other State

Where are Pennsylvanians moving? Turns out, 44 states gained taxpayers from Pennsylvania last year.

New data released yesterday by the IRS on state-to-state migration showed Pennsylvania gained residents moving from New York, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia and Connecticut in 2016 but lost taxpayers to every other state.

Overall, Pennsylvania lost 19,000 taxpayers (those who filed a federal income tax in 2016) and more than $2.6 billion from state-to-state moves.

The maps below show the net change from moves to and from Pennsylvania in 2016 and in 2015.

As noted in a recent Wall Street Journal piece, this new data has been part of a long-term trend:

The liberal tax model is to fleece the rich to finance spending on entitlements and government programs that invariably grow faster than the economy and revenues. IRS data on tax migration show this model is now breaking down in progressive states as the affluent run for cover and the middle class is left paying the bills.

High taxed states like New York and New Jersey have chased people to Pennsylvania. But our high tax burden and unfriendly business climate is driving even more residents and jobs away—to almost anywhere else in the country.