Why Government Should Not Play with Politics

Government should never collect campaign contributions.

House committee members agreed yesterday, passing legislation (SB 166 and HB 1174) that stops the taxpayer-funded collection of campaign contributions for government unions the only organizations benefiting from this arrangement.

The importance of the legislation is easily understood by seeing recent examples of government union campaign spending. These are clearly partisan activities, funded by contributions that are lawfully collected and transmitted by state and local government.

Scroll through the list below to see how state government union PACs have spent over $35 million on politics since 2007.

As the legislature and Governor Wolf contemplate the merits of these bills, they should remember these examples and ask themselves: should government be involved in campaign activity?

The ethical and commonsense answer is that public resources should never be used for campaigns.

Click here to email your representative and show your support for ending the use of public resources to collect campaign contributions.