Top Blog Posts of 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, we're counting down the most popular blog posts of the year, as determined by web traffic:

5. A Dramatic Shift in Pennsylvania 

Election results in states like Pennsylvania showed the political benefit of taking on powerful government union interests to protect taxpayers from tax hikes and special political privileges. 

4. Taxes Threaten Chris's Livelihood 

A devastating story about the impact that bad policy has on good people. A tax that was buried in the state budget, and is insignificant towards closing the deficit, has crushed Chris Hughes'  business and his dream.

3. More Victims of Devastating New Tax Speak Out 

Chris Hughes wasn't the only business owner that was effectively shut down by the punitive, retroactive tax on e-cigarettes. We shared more stories of bad government policy that harmed job creators and entrepreneurs around the state.

2. Five Facts About Wolf's Second Budget Proposal

State budgets are complicated, expensive matters. We break down Gov. Wolf's second budget into five facts all taxpayers need to know.

1. Wolf's False Choice

If lawmakers don’t raise taxes, Pennsylvanians should brace for drastic cuts to education and human services. This myth was promoted endlessly by the Wolf Administration to justify taking more out of the pockets of working people. We debunk it, in our most-viewed blog post of 2016.