(Un)Happy Tax Freedom Day!

(Un)Happy Tax Freedom Day!

If you thought Tax Day was April 15, think again. Today, April 22, is actually the day by which Pennsylvanians have finally earned enough to pay their 2016 tax bill – a bill that exceeds housing, clothing, and food expenses combined.

Check out the non-partisan Tax Foundation’s report on Tax Freedom Day in Pennsylvania and nationwide.

Here in Pa., the shocking truth is that Pennsylvanians will spend nearly four months earning enough income to pay their federal, state, and local taxes.  

Why so much in taxes? In short, government spending growth at all levels. In fact, state government spending grew by 41 percent from 2005-2015. Our state and local tax burden alone, excluding federal taxes, now stands at an astounding $18,000 per family of four.

As we saw with last year’s budget impasse, Pennsylvanians simply have no appetite for higher taxes. Today’s Tax Freedom Day only underscores they were right to reject Gov. Wolf’s record tax increase plans.

Despite the heavy tax load Pennsylvanians already bear, Wolf still insists it’s not enough. His 2016-17 budget proposal would increase the tax burden by $850 per family of four, including raising the personal income tax by 11 percent—retroactive to January 1.

Taxpayers who spend 112 days a year just to fund government spending don’t want to hear they’re not taxed enough. They want to hear lawmakers are doing everything possible to spend responsibly rather than spend more.