Victory Over Wolf Tax Hikes

Pennsylvania's 267 day budget impasse has finally come to an end…with a taxpayer victory!

HB 1801 will become law without Tom Wolf's signature. The governor refuses to sign the budget, but he won't veto it, either. So HB 1801 will take effect on Monday morning.

The $30 billion budget contains NO tax increases and spends an additional $200 million on education.

For nine months, lawmakers withstood immense pressure to raise taxes. Take a minute to thank your lawmaker for standing firm and recognizing there is no appetite for broad-based tax increases on Pennsylvanians.

CF President and CEO Matt Brouillette cheered:

Today is a victory for taxpayers who will be spared crushing tax hikes, for students and teachers who will get the funding they’ve been pleading for, and for all Pennsylvanians, who now have a budget that spends responsibly.

Attention now turns to Wolf's 2016-17 budget proposal, which calls for the largest spending increase in 25 years.

Follow the steps below to send a quick email to let lawmakers know that you appreciate the men and women at the Capitol that have stood strong for taxpayers this year.