Top Blog Posts of 2015

We wrote 303 blog posts last year, but which were the most popular? We’ve taken the five most-read blogs by our readers and counted them down.

5.) Wolf’s Unfair Tax Shift

The governor revealed his proposed budget at the beginning of year. In it he called for property tax relief for all Pennsylvanians, but who were the real winners?

4.) Wolf’s Tax Plan: Three Things Every Family Needs to Know

Gov. Wolf’s proposed budget would have had a devstating financial impact on families. We went through the proposal top-to-bottom and found the three most important changes for our readers to know.

3.) Wolf Misleads on Need for More Taxes

Many of Gov. Wolf's talking points on tax hikes were based on myths. We debunked the five most talked about “facts” from Gov. Wolf.

2.) Marcellus Shale Equals Economic Growth

It’s no secret that the expansion of Marcellus Shale drilling has stimulated massive economic growth for Pennsylvania over the last few years. What are the hard numbers when it comes to the perks of living in a county that drills? Read here to find out.

1.) Wolf Signs Stop-Gap Budget with Punitive Line-Item Vetoes

Gov. Wolf finally agreed to sign into law much of a budget while exercising his line-item veto on the rest. Given the unprecedently long standoff–and the schools and human service agencies held as financial hostages by Gov. Wolf–it’s no surprise this was 2015’s most popular blog post.