10 Reasons to Banish the Booze Bureaucracy

Gov. Wolf is committed to protecting the government's monopoly on the sale of wine and liquor. When talking to reporters this past Monday, the governor’s spokesman said of Wolf “The [liquor privatization] bill he vetoed earlier this year is not something that he'd accept.”

The governor’s position is head-scratching given the shortcomings of the state-run system. Perhaps the governor opposes liquor liberty because he isn’t privy to the liquor monopoly’s many failings. So, for the benefit of Gov. Wolf, and in the spirit of David Letterman, here are the top 10 reasons why state government should exit the booze business:

10.) It would end state government's conflict of interest.

9.) Privatization led to increased employment in Washington State and Canada.

8.) We don’t need a gatekeeper.

7.) The agency's “modernization” efforts have failed miserably. Remember the failed wine kiosks?

6.) Opening up the market to competition will lead to lower liquor prices.

5.) The government monopoly is driving border bleed, costing the state at least $180 million in sales.

4.) The PLCB makes life difficult for entrepreneurs trying to sell their products in Pennsylvania.

3.) The public overwhelming favors privatization.

2.) The liquor control board is more than $238 million in the red.

1.) The PLCB is a corrupt, scandal-plagued agency.