PA Fails Integrity Test

There is a clear need for improved governmental accountability and transparency in Pennsylvania, but how does the commonwealth compare to the rest of the country?

According to the Center for Public Integrity’s 2015 State Integrity Investigation, not very well.

Ranking 44th nationally, Pennsylvania scored a “D” or worse on 11 of the 13 categories. The 2015 results saw Pennsylvania take a major step back from 20th in 2012.

What caused Pennsylvania to fall behind? Apart from slight changes in methodology, continued poor oversight and regulation of lobbying, weak political finance monitoring, and inadequate accountability measures were all cited as reasons for Pennsylvania’s decline. Recent episodes of corruption charges against top state officials and budget gridlock demonstrate the need to refocus on reform.

Pennsylvanians are also feeling the crunch of bloated bureaucracies like the Liquor Control Board and the Turnpike Commission. The commonwealth will continue receiving poor marks for integirty until these entities are brought into the sunlight.