Drop the “Phony Baloney” Liquor Reform

Rumors around the state capitol suggest legislative leaders are closer to a state budget deal. But shockingly, Gov. Wolf continues to hold out for his ill-advised liquor improvement scheme.

Wolf has stuck by his September counteroffer to hire a private manager to run the system, administration officials said.

Wolf's plan would keep the government monopoly—which as Bob noted last week, is running in the red thanks to unfunded pension costs. But the state would pay a private company to run the government liquor stores “like a business”—rather than let businesses actually sell liquor.

As we’ve pointed out, this plan does not give consumers any greater choice or convenience. It keeps the conflict of interest that has led to multiple cases of corruption. And it prevents the real privatization and competition nearly every other state has—and Pennsylvania voters overwhelming want.

Remember, this is the plan the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called a “loser,” Lehigh Valley Live called a “non-starter,” and the Bucks County Courier Times called “phony baloney.”  

Gov. Wolf needs to drop his demands for an absurd liquor proposal that no one—save some government union leaders—wants.