Union Harassment Victim Urges Wolf to Sign Union Violence Bill

Union Harassment Victim Urges Wolf to Sign Union Violence Bill

Governor Has until November 7 to Sign Union Intimidation Bill

November 2, 2015, HARRISBURG, Pa.—Philadelphia construction executive Sarina Rose counted on Pennsylvania’s justice system to punish the man who harassed her and stalked her children during a labor dispute. The system failed her.

Instead, a judge let the union bully off the hook because of an exemption in Pennsylvania’s Crimes Code that lets union leaders and members stalk, harass, and threaten to use weapons of mass destruction—if they are part of a labor dispute.

Now, Rose is calling on Governor Wolf to sign a bill on his desk to hold unions accountable.

“Unfortunately, some have taken advantage of exemptions in the law to intimidate and harass me, my family, and my colleagues,” Rose said. “This isn’t acceptable. Union contractors who we work with are just as disgusted as we are that people can get away with stalking, viscous harassment, and even threatening to use weapons of mass destruction. Gov. Wolf has the opportunity to send the clear message that harassment and intimidation are unacceptable in Pennsylvania, no matter the context. I encourage the governor to sign this bill so those who carry out criminal acts are held accountable.”

House Bill 874, which passed the House on October 27 and the Senate one week earlier, would end unions’ ability to intimidate with impunity while involved in a labor dispute. The governor has until November 7 to sign the bill into law.

Matthew Brouillette, president and CEO of the Commonwealth Foundation, joined Rose’s call for the governor to sign the legislation.

“We don’t tolerate bullying in the classroom, we don’t accept harassment in the workplace, and we don’t permit threats of violence in any context,” Brouillette said. “We cannot continue to sanction these moral outrages. The governor should sign this bill immediately. Wolf has a chance to stand up for victims of union harassment—will he choose to side with the victims or the bullies?”

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