Wolf’s ‘Good Cop-Bad Cop’ Act: Which Governor Will Show up Today?

Wolf’s ‘Good Cop-Bad Cop’ Act:
Which Governor Will Show up Today?

Contradictory Rhetoric Derailing Budget Progress

October 22, 2015, HARRISBURG, Pa.—During 100-plus days of the state budget impasse, Wolf’s words and actions have been consistently inconsistent, leaving taxpayers reeling and Pennsylvania in budget limbo.

“One minute, Governor Wolf puts on a conciliatory face and the next he pulls out his boxing gloves,” commented Matthew Brouillette, president and CEO of the Commonwealth Foundation. “If his goal is to keep students and taxpayers off balance, he’s succeeding. While he plays ‘good cop-bad cop,’ Pennsylvania’s schools are forced to take desperate measures to keep their doors open.”

Wolf’s Good Cop-Bad Cop Act—Which Wolf Will Show up Today?

Good Cop: “It’s time for Republicans and Democrats to work together.” (Oct. 7)
Bad Cop: “I want a fight.”(Sept. 29)

Good Cop: “I think we have to be open to everything.” (Oct. 7)
Bad Cop: “I’m not open to a stopgap.” (Oct. 7)

Good Cop: “Every child must have access to a great education, and teachers must have the resources they need to deliver a great education.” (March 3)
Bad Cop: “I want to keep the pressure up.”  (Sept. 29)

Good Cop: Wolf-appointed Treasurer advances House Democratic Caucus $1.9 million for payroll. (Sept. 10)
Bad Cop: Wolf administration refuses to advance school districts funds to keep doors open. (Oct. 20)

Good Cop: “We need to agree that you can’t take money away from anything and expect to get to a good outcome.” (Oct. 16)
Bad Cop: Proposes highest in state history tax hikes amounting to $1,400 per family of four. (March 3)

Good Cop: “I pledged to be a different kind of governor, and I will keep that promise.” (Jan. 20)
Bad Cop:Your lack of emotion about our children’s future is exactly what is wrong with Harrisburg.” (Tweet to Majority Leader Jake Corman, Sept. 18)

Good Cop: “I’ve made concession after concession after concession.” (press conference, Oct. 16)
Bad Cop:I’m not going to cave on this. I can’t cave on this.” (Oct. 13)

“The governor’s refusal to allow funds to reach school districts while Democrats in the House receive an advance from Treasury has left taxpayers scratching their heads,” Brouillette continued. “Pennsylvanians deserve more than 100 days of ‘good cop-bad cop’ political games. They deserve more than students held hostage to tax hikes. They deserve true leadership.”

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