Audio: Gov. Wolf Goes Down Swinging

Last week, Gov. Wolf struck out after his third attempt to enact massive tax hikes was voted down in a bipartisan effort by the House of Representatives­.

CF’s Nate Benefield discussed the House vote, as well as the continued opposition, to Gov. Wolf’s budget proposal with WPHT’s Dom Giordano.

Nate points out that several Democrats broke with Gov. Wolf and voted against his proposal, a clear sign that residents across Pennsylvania will not accept tax increases.

“There’s this long dispute over Gov. Wolf’s demand for higher income taxes. The House Republicans said, we’re going to let you have a vote, give you a week to round up and call on lawmakers and try to get them to vote for a tax increase. The Governor came back with his third proposal, his third swing at it, and it’s been lost. Every Republican voted against it a number of Democrats voted against it, which should send a message that Pennsylvania and our lawmakers do not want to see higher taxes.”

Despite this clear message, Gov. Wolf has said he’s “not taking anything off the table”.

Nate outlines the harm that Gov. Wolf’s proposal would have on taxpayers, stating it “is simply a straight up income tax and natural gas severance tax. It’s really 95 percent of the money coming from higher taxes on working families and all Pennsylvanians”.

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