Great Win for Taxpayers in the Budget Battle

Today, the Wolf tax hike was resoundingly defeated in the state House (73-127).

Repeatedly, Gov. Wolf has failed to convince lawmakers—including those of his own party—to impose his massive hikes on Pennsylvania families. The message is clear: smarter spending, not more spending, is what Pennsylvanians want.

The governor recently said if he loses, Pennsylvania loses. But today, Pennsylvania won because lawmakers—Democrat and Republican alike—refused to bow to the governor’s demands.

You can read the rest of our news release here, but first, please join me in thanking the lawmakers on both sides of the aisle that stood for taxpayers by sending a note of encouragement to your representative. Click here to see the full roll call.

The budget battle continues, so we'll remain vigilant in fighting for a state budget that—as our mission states—allows all Pennsylvanians to flourish.