Wolf Demands $1,000 from Families in Wednesday House Vote

Wolf Demands $1,000 from Families
in Wednesday House Vote

“Compromise” Tax Plan Still Largest in State History

October 5, 2015, HARRISBURG, Pa.—After months of hyping a “common sense severance tax to fund schools,” Gov. Wolf has finally decided to mention that his budget plan is a broad-based tax hike that places most of the burden squarely on working families’ shoulders. House lawmakers are planning a Wednesday vote on Wolf’s September tax hike proposal of $3.2 billion—the largest tax increase in Pennsylvania history.

“Wednesday’s planned vote is the latest in long line of political gimmicks Governor Wolf has used to force through his disastrous tax hikes,” commented Nathan Benefield, vice president of policy analysis for the Commonwealth Foundation. “Families and job seekers, not gas drillers, will shoulder the greatest burden of this highest-in-the-nation tax increase.”

Wolf’s September spending plan includes a $1,000 per family of four tax increase that will kill 14,000 jobs. Notably, Wolf dropped property tax relief and corporate tax rate cuts from this proposal.

“It certainly will be a historic vote,” Benefield noted, “At $3.2 billion annually, Wolf’s new tax hike remains the largest in Pennsylvania’s history.”

Here is what Wolf’s taxes would cost PA families in 2016-17:

At a Monday press conference, Gov. Wolf said, “If I lose Wednesday, Pennsylvania loses.”

Benefield responded: “The reality is, a Wednesday loss for the governor’s tax scheme will actually save Pennsylvania families $1,000. With Pennsylvanians already paying $4,374 per person in state and local taxes—the 10th highest burden in America—it’s insulting to demand even more.”

UPDATE: Gov. Wolf offered a new tax proposal on October 6, 2015. Here is a summary of that plan

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