Who Will Vote to Raise Your Taxes?

Republican leadership in the General Assembly has announced they will allow a floor vote on a budget proposal that has the massive tax increases Gov. Wolf and government union leaders desire—if Democrats secure enough votes to pass it.

That’s a big “if.” Not only would every Democrat have to vote for the tax hike—and some Democrats have already expressed concerns—they would also need 18 Republicans in the House and six in the Senate to vote for their tax-and-spend budget.

Consider the gauntlet thrown down. Those who favor massive tax increases on working families would have to make their case publicly and defend their policy desires. In any event, CF will continue to expose the truth about what the Union/Wolf tax plan would mean for Pennsylvania taxpayers, businesses and families.

We know lawmakers are going to hear from special interests clamoring to take and spend more of your hard-earned money. But they need to hear from families like yours who would pay the bill.

Join us in telling your legislators and Gov. Wolf—No New Taxes!