Audio: A Path of Compromise

Refusing to abandon his demands for the highest tax increase in state history, Gov. Wolf continues to fuel a budget impasse that has left human-services agencies and schools without critical funding.

CF’s Matt Brouillette was on WPHT with Dom Giordano to discuss the “path of compromise” that requires actual compromise from Gov. Wolf.

“While Governor Wolf is going to need to tell his government union supporters we have to do something on the pension front and it’s time for us to get government out of the booze business, Republicans are also going to have to go to their own business interests and say we need to stop these subsidies, whether it’s to the film industry or the horse racing industry, money that the taxpayers should not be supporting these crony capitalists.”

Matt justifies the Republican lawmakers’ plan to pass individual funding bills for schools and state agencies already agreed upon by the legislature and Gov. Wolf–which includes 274 of approximately 400 line-items.

Despite this, Matt anticipates the budget battle “would likely go past Thanksgiving, into the Christmas time, because it does not seem that Gov. Wolf, at this point, is giving up on his demands for the highest taxes in the country.”

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