Audio: Weathering the Budget Impasse

Another day passes without a state budget in Pennsylvania, causing panic among public officials who can't pay the bills and among parents who have children attending schools unable to make payroll

Still, Gov. Wolf refuses to make meaningful compromises with state legislators. As a result, the people in both the public and private sector dependent on state funding are forced to make difficult choices to keep their operations going.  

So how has this budget impasse unfolded? CF’s Matt Brouillette joined WDAC’s Greg Barton to discuss its origins and why Gov. Wolf is standing in the way of a solution. 

Matt explains how Gov. Wolf's “veto of the budget in totality”–despite agreeing with 274 of 400 line items in that budget–could mean he won't be budging from his plans to levy the largest tax increase in state history any time soon.

Legislators have attempted to compromise with Gov. Wolf by offering a $400 million increase for education in exchange for pension reform. Two weeks after the offer, Gov. Wolf has yet to respond.

With no sense of urgency on the part of the governor, Matt believes it may take a crisis to move things along: “This, of course, is going to only come to a precipice when we see schools clamoring or having to borrow significant amounts of money because they’re lacking in state aid or the service agencies not being able to provide the services that needy citizens need.”

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