Wolf Truth Squad: Property Tax Relief Now

In a Patriot News story, Gov. Wolf’s spokesman Jeff Sheridan commented on need for immediate “property tax relief”—comments that don’t jibe with Gov. Wolf’s actual budget proposal.

“Pennsylvanians don’t need property tax relief in the fall, they need it now,” Sheridan said. Well, someone should tell his boss. The governor’s plan doesn’t provide immediate relief or much tax relief at all:

  • Funds for property tax “relief” won’t be distributed until October 2016.
  • Families pay higher state taxes starting now (income tax increases beginning July 1 and sales tax increase in January).
  • Only 30 cents of new state taxes would go to property tax relief—with a net increase of $1,400 per family of four.

I’ll give Jeff Sheridan the benefit out of the doubt by assuming his inaccurate comments were the product of angry rage, and not a deliberate attempt to fool voters.

Notwithstanding Sheridan’s comments, the reality is clear: Gov. Wolf’s proposal doesn’t deliver property tax relief now, and imposes significant new tax burdens on poor and working class families.