Wolf Plays Politics of the Past with Budget Veto

Wolf Plays Politics of the Past with Budget Veto

Governor’s Own Plan Grossly out of Step with 49 Other States

July 1, 2015, HARRISBURG, Pa.—Within hours of receiving the Legislature’s budget, Governor Wolf issued a blow to working families by vetoing the on-time, no-tax-hike spending plan that would have boosted job creation and economic growth statewide.

“It’s unconscionable that Gov. Wolf flatly rejected a budget that protects taxpayers and invests responsibly in Pennsylvania’s future in favor of crushing tax hikes on poor and middle-class Pennsylvanians,” said Matthew J. Brouillette, president and CEO of the Commonwealth Foundation. “Gov. Wolf could not get one vote in the House for his record-setting tax-and-spend plan—not even from his own party.

“The truth is, Gov. Wolf’s plan is grossly out of line with every other state in the union put together. All 49 other states combined are decreasing spending by $1.5 billion, yet Wolf is demanding a $4.6 billion increase for Pennsylvania.”

Wolf spending vs. 49 other states

“Gov. Wolf needs to explain to working Pennsylvanians why his spending plan is such a vast departure from every other state in the nation combined,” Brouillette continued. “Gov. Wolf’s budget calls for almost $2.4 billion in new personal income taxes and more than $1.5 billion in increased sales taxes next year alone. This is not what Pennsylvanians asked for or what they deserve.

“Who knew that when Gov. Wolf promised to be a different kind of governor he meant he would be the state’s first governor in 40 years to categorically reject a budget passed by the people’s representatives? It’s time for Gov. Wolf to stop holding taxpayers hostage to his tax-hike agenda. The people of Pennsylvania deserve better.”

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