Pa Legislature Passes Historic Liquor Privatization

Pa Legislature Passes Historic Liquor Privatization

Only Governor Wolf Stands in the Way of Ending State’s Prohibition-Era Booze Monopoly

Last night, the Pennsylvania General Assembly sent historic liquor privatization legislation to Gov. Wolf’s desk, promising to finally end Pennsylvania’s Prohibition-era, government-run monopoly of wine and spirits sales and join 48 other states that embrace some form of privatization.  

“Today is a huge victory for consumers and taxpayers who overwhelmingly support the end of government’s love affair with alcohol,” said Matthew J. Brouillette, president and CEO of the Commonwealth Foundation. “Pennsylvanians of every political stripe and from every region across the state consistently support ending the government sale of wine and spirits and providing consumers better prices, greater convenience, and expanded choice. Now, only Governor Wolf stands in the way of ending this scandal-plagued relic of Prohibition and bringing Pennsylvania into the twenty-first century.

“We applaud the House and Senate for standing up to special interests and acting in the best interests of consumers and taxpayers,” Brouillette continued. “We urge Governor Wolf to do the same, and demonstrate that he truly is a new kind of governor.”

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John Bouder
Senior Communications Officer
Commonwealth Foundation
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