Audio: Wolf’s Tax Increase Dwarfs All Other States

Compared to the 49 other states, Gov. Wolf’s budget inflicts a tax increase that dwarfs all others–in fact, it’s 8 times larger than the state with the next highest tax increase, Connecticut.

His budget’s inability to muster up a single vote in the House probably makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Nate Benefield was on KDKA to speak with Mike Pintek to explain why Gov. Wolf’s budget is bad for the entire commonwealth.

Nate points to an Independent Fiscal Office study that shows “every single income group, from the rich down to the poorest households, are going to be paying more”–despite Wolf promising tax cuts for the middle-class.

Rather than forcing a tax increase on all income levels, Gov. Wolf should support a budget that protects low and middle income groups, such as the taxpayer-friendly budget passed by the House.

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