Audio: Gov. Wolf’s Budget Hurts Everyone

Despite Gov. Wolf campaigning on giving the middle-class a tax cut, his budget plan will raise taxes for every income group.

Disapproval of his tax plan was made apparent after Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives­ put it up for a vote and not a single lawmaker voted in support of it.

CF’s President & CEO Matt Brouillette spoke with WPHT’s Dom Giordano about Gov. Wolf’s budget proposal and how it will harm all Pennsylvanians. 

Matt states that “the average family of four would see an additional $1,400 come out of their family budget…[t]his isn’t going to be good for Pennsylvanians and I think that’s why nobody stood up voting for Governor Wolf’s tax proposals.”

Gov. Wolf’s broken promise will decrease the standard of living for all Pennsylvanians by taking more dollars out of every family’s wallet—leaving them with less money to buy groceries, pay for medical needs, or put gas in their car.

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